Down Payment Grants

The OWN IT down payment grants program provides $18,000 for families to use toward the purchase of their first home. These grants eliminate many of the common restrictions that can over-complicate home buying.

In the pilot phase of the program, education courses and down payment grants are only available for families currently enrolled in One City Schools, school alumni, and current school staff.

Barriers to Financing

Access to money is one of the biggest barriers to homeownership. Yet many down payment programs create unnecessary barriers that make the entire process of buying a home more complicated.

Funds available to Black and brown families often come with:

  • Income restrictions
  • Sales price limitations
  • Home location restrictions
  • Payback requirements
  • Extra contingencies

OWN IT is Different

Our new funding model eliminates as many restrictions and barriers as possible, while still staying compliant with the Fair Housing Act.

Funds from our program have:

  • No income limits or upper limits on assets
  • No sale price limitations or location restrictions
  • No extra contingencies or special requirements
  • No interest and never require payback
  • No restrictions on who you can work with

To comply with federal rules, funds are:

  • For homebuyers who have not owned a home in the past 3 years
  • For the purchase of an owner-occupied single family, condo, or duplex.
  • Available to all families, alumni, and staff with One City Schools — regardless of race — after successfully completing the wealth building education program


Families and staff at One City Schools can apply for a grant after successfully completing both education courses. The next application cycle will be February 2024. Learn more about the application process.

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