Real Estate Industry Education

We offer educational opportunities for real estate professionals to learn how systemic racism is embedded in the industry and how it impacts and exacerbates the generational wealth gap. We provide many resources for self-guided learning and occasionally hold workshops and events.

Now is the best time to learn what justice in the real estate industry can look like. See our growing list of resources below and learn about our new down payment grant program — currently in a pilot phase and exclusively available for families and staff at One City Schools.

Self-Guided Journey

Many of us are taught to take a colorblind approach, but this can still cause a great deal of harm and do little to reverse a long history of racial discrimination in housing. It’s critical for all real estate professionals interested in social justice to understand how to be part of the solution.

Racial Justice Toolkit document cover with streetscape image

To get started, download the Racial Justice Toolkit. In this three-part self-guided study, you will learn from a variety of educational resources, spend time in personal reflection, conduct short research projects, and engage in intentional conversations about what you are learning. (Must enter your email to access.)

Become an Ambassador

​​While it’s critical to educate yourself, there is incredible value in working with others to be an active agent for change. That’s what the OWN IT: Building Black Wealth program is all about!

Real estate agents ready to commit to do more, can join the Ambassador Program. Learn more about this collaborative venture for Madison agents and why we believe it’s the best way to combat barriers that exist for people of color in building wealth through real estate.