Program Updates

The OWN IT: Building Black Wealth program is a private sector initiative designed to address and eliminate barriers to wealth building and homeownership for Black and brown families in Madison, Wisconsin. The pilot program — currently offered only to families, alumni, and staff at One City Schools — has two main components: education courses and down payment funds with very few restrictions.


  • 50 real estate professionals have committed to be Ambassadors and donate funds
  • 8 brokers are participating, making it easy for their agents to systematically contribute
  • Over $575,000 has been raised for OWN IT since April 2021
  • 126 people have participated in the Wealth Building course
  • 55 people have participated in the Homeownership course
  • 10 families have been awarded a down payment grant
  • 8 families have closed on their new homes!

Updated March 2023