Team Members

Throughout the startup and pilot phase of the program, we have relied almost entirely on a volunteer workforce. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated their time and expertise. Listed below are our current organizing groups and continuing contributors.


Myesha Thompson

Myesha Thompson is an entrepreneur, state of Wisconsin public servant, real estate investor, and advocate for increasing wealth and homeownership for Black and brown communities. She has been the Director of OWN IT: Building Black Wealth since January 2023. Learn more about Myesha ┬╗

Board Members

  • Tiffany Malone, Alvarado Real Estate Group
  • Sara Alvarado, Alvarado Real Estate Group
  • Grace Trewartha, Live Beneath Your Means
  • Gail Wiseman, One City Schools
  • Darin Harris, Living Giving Enterprises
  • Robert Beets, Prime Root
  • Sara Whitley, Johnson Financial Group
  • Justice Casta├▒eda, Common Wealth Development

Advisory Members

  • Jeff Mack, Park Bank
  • Salli Martyniak
  • Saran Ouk, City of Madison Business Resource Manager 
  • Carousel Bayrd, Attorney, Community Justice
  • Kingsley Gobourne, Artemis Provisions and Cheese, UnityPoint Health
  • Kevin King

Course Instructors

Jonathon Ferguson and Grace Trewartha, Wealth Building instructors

Keena Atkinson and LaShawne Hunt, Financial Literacy Cohort facilitators

Mercedes Lewis and Ann Raschien, Homeownership Cohort facilitators

Theo Yancey and Ian Carter, Homeownership instructors

Education Committee

  • Sara Alvarado, Interim co-chair, Alvarado Real Estate Group
  • Renae Sigall, Interim co-chair, UW Credit Union
  • Ian Warlick-Short, UW Credit Union
  • Alex Ysquierdo, Wisconsin Economic Development
  • Sarah Campagna, Summit Credit Union
  • Brittany Hayes, REAL Brokerage
  • Ian Carter, Keller Williams
  • Nilda Bernier, Alvarado Real Estate Group
  • Dave Grauwels, Guild Mortgage

Fundraising Team

  • Grace Trewartha, Fundraising co-lead, Live Beneath Your Means
  • Robert Beets, Fundraising co-lead, Prime Root
  • Eliza Waters, One City Schools
  • Sara Alvarado, Alvarado Real Estate Group


Volunteers are a major part of our success. If you are interested in contributing to OWN IT, learn more about volunteering opportunities.