Realtor Working Group


Active Ambassadors List (Google Sheet) / Webpage (needs updating after June/July audit)

Participating Brokerages (Google Sheet) / Webpage (Weichert to be added soon)

Volunteers (Google Sheet) (track closing invitee list in Column K)


Commitment Form < >

Contact Form < >

Donate < >

Ambassador Call Log (Google Form)

  • Fill out and submit when talking to new/committed ambassador so we have record of last contact. Populates details in active ambassador list (columns F/G) for the specific person.


New Ambassador Task List (Google Doc)

New Ambassador Phone Script (DOCX/Google Doc)

Ambassador Call Log (Google Form)

Volunteer Opportunities (Google Sheet)

Closing Checklist (Google Doc)


Welcome Kits

Welcome kit for real estate agents < > (Google Folder)

Welcome kit for other real estate professionals < > (Google Folder)

Broker Forms

Broker Authorization Form (pdf)

Processing Contribution Checks (pdf)

Team Resources

Realtor Working Group (Google Folder)

Meeting Notes (Google Folder)

Volunteer Opportunities (Google Sheet)

Contact Robert Beets <> to request updates.