Myesha Thompson

Myesha Thompson is the Director of OWN IT: Building Black Wealth, an entrepreneur, state of Wisconsin public servant, real estate investor, and advocate for increasing wealth and homeownership for Black and brown communities. Myesha uses her personal, educational, and professional experience to challenge and address situational and generational poverty for Black and brown families. Raised by a single Black mother on the southside of Chicago and becoming a single Black mother at the age of 16, she has overcome many obstacles and is tenacious when it comes to embracing the opportunities society said she would miss because of her race, gender, and being a teen mom. 

Myesha graduated high school with honors and went on to graduate in the top 10% of her class as Magna Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University. Determined to change her own narrative, she focused on the wealth gap and worked as a licensed financial and life insurance advisor. Turning to real estate, she purchased a new construction property and built her first home using the tool of homeownership to begin building generational wealth for her children. She now owns multiple investment properties and is focused on motivating and helping others with her passion for education and breaking generational cycles. 

Myesha currently works as the Director of OWN IT: Building Black Wealth, is the subject matter expert for the state’s foodshare and badgercare outreach programs for the tribal nations and multiple regions within the state of Wisconsin, is a council leader of the PTO at One City Schools, a committee member for State of Wisconsin Department of Human Services Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) committee and serves on the city of Madison Community Development Authority (CDA) housing Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program Coordinating Committee (PCC). With her efforts in the community and as a public servant for the state of Wisconsin, she hopes to increase housing, food, and health equality and security for Black and brown families.


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