A Community Collaboration to Build Black Wealth

Our goal is empower, educate, and guide communities of color on the path to financial freedom and homeownership.

We offer a phenomenal educational program bringing well versed, educated professionals of color to teach and provide critical financial expertise and relevant information for building wealth and learning how to grow generational wealth through real estate. 

Educational series:

  • Create financial stability: the program provides tools for the participants to assess how ready they are to buy a home and helps families identify the next steps needed and offer a support network for the long haul while also offering education around credit, budgeting, financial literacy, and ways to repair and improve credit and create financial stability.
  • Demystifying the home buying process, a breakdown of real estate lingo, learning how real estate works in building equity and creating financial opportunities and wealth building. Deep dive into the full process.
  • Homeownership and investment property education, mentorship, and support networks. Learning how the banking industry works, refinancing, and using property as an asset to grow wealth. 

Support Network – we will offer community support teams for participants. The goal of this is to make sure there are educational opportunities and community support for participants in the different stages from financial literacy, preparing to purchase, the purchase process, the responsibilities of homeownership and maintaining a home in good condition, and growing wealth through investment property ownership.

One City Schools logoWhy One City Schools? The goal is to work with families and staff to offer educational programs, mentorship, a support network, and access to down payment funds to build wealth through real estate ownership. One City Schools has a holistic approach to education that includes the whole family. “Through our Two-Generation School Model, we work alongside our families to address their personal, family and professional needs and aspirations, to the extent we are able and is appropriate.” One of the items on their Equity Agenda is “breaking the cycle of long standing achievement and opportunity gaps that have symbiotically undermined the goals, aspirations and potential of generation of children of color and under-resourced children in Wisconsin and across the United States.” See their About webpage for more information.

Partnering with One City Schools offers direct access to the families we most want to serve. Based on fair housing laws, down payment assistance programs are not able to award funds based on race. Even though policies were in place that explicitly excluded African Americans and other ethnicities from purchasing homes and accessing mortgages for many years, it is against the law to explicitly offer funding for those who were excluded. Partnering with One City Schools ensures our efforts are focused on building Black wealth through education and real estate ownership. The education and down payment fund is available to all families and staff at One City Schools.

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