Building Black Wealth

In 2019, the median white household held $188,200 in wealth — 7.8 times that of the typical Black household ($24,100).

*Survey of Consumer Finances – Black white wealth gap

Educational Program

Knowledge is power.

With a solid educational program, we are able to offer a personal finance course and homeownership course that is rooted in social justice and includes: understanding credit, a cohort to build credit, real estate and home ownership education, plus post closing support and a network to provide continued education around refinancing, home maintenance, building equity, and more, in an attempt to disrupt oppressive systems designed to perpetuate racism and the large wealth gap that exists. Relevant, engaging classes taught by local experts. To launch this program, we are starting with a pilot partnership with One City Schools with the goal of expanding and seeking other partnerships in the future. 

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Down Payment Fund

Because access to resources matters.

Access to money is one of the biggest barriers to homeownership. Down payment assistance programs frequently create unnecessary barriers and we aim to change that by working with the banks, realtors, and other systems in place to eliminate unnecessary restrictions. In this pilot phase, we will be offering $15,000 grants based on an application process for families and staff at One City Schools who go through the educational program. Funds will be available in 2022, with a clear, upfront, and transparent process on how to apply. What would it look like if the community became the family wealth that Black families have been denied? To donate to the fund, please click here.  

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Community Partnerships

This initiative is developed, and made better, by strong relationships and partnerships within the community based on abundance, creativity, and insight from experienced professionals who are honest about the real issues, understand the implications of race based policies and restrictions and are motivated to see change happen.

We are a network of Madison area professionals in the real estate, banking, and financial industries committed to acknowledging harm and creating positive impact.