Understanding the Wealth Gap & Real Estate

We hope to offer educational workshops that teach redlining, modern-day redlining and the impacts today in the Greater Madison area, as well as the historical context of racism within real estate, generational wealth through real estate, and new ways offered for financial models for redistribution of wealth via real estate transactions, estate planning, inheritance, income models, and more.

There will be fundraising efforts and awareness building within white neighborhoods and workplaces. Funds raised will go towards our downpayment program to be used by families at One City Schools.

If you’d like to contribute: make checks out to FCI or Forward Community Investments, in the memo please note: OWN IT Program, and mail to 2045 Atwood Avenue, Suite 101A Madison, WI 53704. Click here to contribute online!

To sponsor, partner, or financially support this program, please email us at: